RIP Tony Benn

I remember being 16 and going on a school trip to London where I heard Tony Benn speak for
the first time. It was at Westminster Hall. Benn was the first Westerner I had ever heard to talk about Iran, its revolution and the Iran-Iraq war in a way that actually represented what me and my family had experienced. Wow, I thought, people in the UK understand it too.

The talk changed my life. I subsequently joined the Labour party and inspired by Benn’s politics started a life’s work of political campaigning. Years later, I was proud to share platforms with him in campaigns against the Iraq war and militarism. I’m sure he inspired many, many, of you too.

He inspired millions because he always told it how it is, as a human being, and 100% from the heart. How few politicians or public figures do we have left who actually do that?

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook that some people you never want to die because they’ve still got so much more to say. I couldn’t agree more.

RIP Tony Benn. xx

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