Ripe Figs

Recipes and Stories from Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus
An inspiring collection of recipes and stories that celebrate the food of Greece, Turkey and Cyprus and imagine a world without borders.


In Ripe Figs, travel writer and cook Yasmin Khan travels through the Eastern Mediterranean tracing recipes that have spread through the region, from the time of Ottoman rule, to the influence of recent refugee communities today. Her recipes unite around thickets of dill and bunches of oregano, zesty citrus and sweet dates, thick tahini and soothing cardamom with a focus on healthy, seasonal, vegetable-focused recipes, such as hot yogurt soups, zucchini and feta fritters, pomegranate and sumac chicken, and candied pumpkin with tahini and date syrup.


At the kitchen table, Yasmin spends her time exploring borders, migration and identity – one of the key issues of our times. Illustrated with stunning food and location photography, Ripe Figs is a dazzling collection of recipes and stories from an ever-diversifying region.

Praise for Ripe Figs