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I’ve had a fun few weeks filming for Nigel Slater’s new BBC1 TV series. The show explores Britain’s cultural diversity through food as Nigel meets British home cooks from different ethnic backgrounds who connect to their culture through food.

I was  really chuffed to be asked to take part in the show where I was, of course, talking about Iran and Persian food. Nigel came round my house in Hackney for a day of cooking and we made my favourite Iranian food, Fesenjoon, a rich and decadent chicken stew with pomegranates and walnuts. I also made Kuku Sabzi, an emerald green fragrant herb frittata. Whilst cooking together, we talked about Iran’s rich tapestry of culinary delights from saffron to quinces to pomegranates  as well as exploring my family’s personal journey from Iran to the UK shortly after Iran’s Islamic revolution in 1979.

The final day of filming took me down to Wiltshire where we had a feast with other participants from the show. Each home cook prepared a few signature dishes from their country of origin and then Nigel created a dish inspired by us. My mum even came down and took part in the day and we stuffed ourselves with yummy Brazilian coxinhas and Bangladeshi korma. 

Feast with Nigel Slater and the team of talented home cooks

The show will air sometime in early 2015 and looks set to be a wonderful celebration of the UK’s multicultural landscape with some great recipes too. I’ll keep you posted with the details!


Getting the close ups of the fesenjoon and saffron rice in front of a beautiful spread of Iranian handicrafts



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