Jashn-e Mehregan – Iranian Autumn Harvest Festival

I put the heating on for the first time last night. It is official, autumn has arrived. Whilst I am an eternal sun-worshipper who is never happier then when basking in blazing sunshine, I really appreciate the seasons and in particular, the changing of the seasons. You know, that slightly in-between time when you don’t quite know how many layers to wear, when you start craving soup and you realise you don’t have to go out on a Saturday night because X-Factor is back on.

By consciously tuning into seasonal changes you can make all manner of decisions to bring your life into better harmony with the world around you. This  applies not only to the food you eat but other aspects of your life too. Whilst summer is all about expansion and bouncing around doing a million exciting things outdoors, autumn is about slowing down and taking stock, getting your proverbial house in order in preparation for the long winter ahead. Appreciating seasonal changes and adapting  life accordingly is a practice followed by most ancient cultures and Iranian is no different. This week  many Iranians have been celebrating Jashn-e Mehrgan, an ancient harvest festival.

Jashn-e Mehrgan originated as a festival offering thanks to the sun deity Mithra for the abundance of fresh produce that farmers gathered during the autumn harvest. Today the festival is also associated with love and friendship and provides yet another excuse for Iranians to gather with family and friends, feast on seasonal food, and light fires and fireworks.

In the spirit of friendship and thanks, this year a group of international Iranian food bloggers have come together to share recipes and posts for Jashn-e Mehrgan. We’ve seen a blossoming of interest in Persian food in recent years and much of this is down to these incredible bloggers, most of whom live in the USA. Please click on the names below to check out their sites and try some yummy Persian seasonal recipes! My recipe for the Mehrgan gathering is Khoresht-e Gheimeh and you can find the recipe here

Ahu Eats: Badoom Sookhte Torsh | Sour Caramelized Almonds
All Kinds of Yum: Jeweled Carrot Salad
Bottom of the Pot: Broccoli Koo Koo (Frittata)
Cafe Leilee: Northern Iranian Pomegranate Garlic and Chicken Stew
Coco in the Kitchen: Zeytoon Parvardeh |Marinated Olives with Pomegranate & Walnuts
Della Cucina Povera: Ghormeh Sabzi | Persian Lamb & Herb Stew
Fae’s Twist & Tango: Rice Meatballs | Kufteh Berenji
Family Spice: Khoreshteh Kadoo | Butternut Squash Stew
Fig & Quince: Festive Persian Noodle Rice & Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Yummies for Mehregan
Honest and Tasty: Loobia Polo | Beef and Green Bean Rice
Lab Noon: Adas Polo Risotto | Persian Lentils Risotto
Lucid Food: Sambuseh
Marjan Kamali: Persian Ice Cream with Rosewater and Saffron
My Caldron: Anaar-Daneh Mosamma | Pomegranate Stew
My Persian Kitchen: Keshmesh Polow | Persian Raisin Rice
Noghlemey: Parsi Dal
Parisa’s Kitchen: Morasa Polow | Jeweled Rice

Sabzi: Ash-e Mast – Persian Yoghurt Soup

SimisKitchen: Lita Turshisi | Torshi-e Liteh | Tangy aubergine pickle

Spice Spoon: Khoresht-e-bademjaan | Aubergine Stew
Turmeric & Saffron: Ash-a Haft Daneh | Seven Bean Soup
The Unmanly Chef: Baghali Polow ba Mahicheh | Rice with Fave Beans and Lamb
ZoZoBaking: Masghati | Persian Scented Starch Fudge

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