The Iranian Feast – A play with food from the heart of Persia

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with the writer Kevin Dyer and director Gavin Stride on a wonderful play called The Iranian Feast.


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The play, which was set at a dinner party in modern day Tehran, was an interactive piece of theatre with audience participation and actors cooking a Persian meal live on stage. This meal would be served to audiences of up to 70 people per night in some places and the show was unique in that it toured rural communities across the UK, reaching people and places who may previously had little or no connection with Iran.

I acted as an Artistic Associate on the play, advising on the script and how to weave Persian food references and stories through it, devising recipes, teaching the actors how to cook them and being part of the rehearsal process. It was tremendous fun and the cast and crew were an incredibly talented bunch of people. I really loved it. More than that though, I proud to have contributed to a powerful piece of political theatre, which Kevin Dyer had so cleverly managed to serve in a format that could easily be digested to those unfamiliar with Iran – through a family dinner party.

It was a real honour to have been involved in the play which is why I am so thrilled that it is touring again this spring. You can find a full list of dates and details of how to book here  – if it is on near you then I highly recommend getting a ticket, it is a great night out and dare I say it, the food is pretty delicious too!

For more info, check out the Guardian review of the play .


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