Iran Culinary and Cultural Tour with Wild Frontiers

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I’ve teamed up with the fantastic tour company Wild Frontiers for an unique culinary and cultural tour to Iran in  May 2018.

The tour will run for 10 days over which we will take in the highlights of Iran’s stunning artistic and historical sites, wander bustling food markets and visit family farms to learn about Iranian culinary traditions. There will be opportunities to participate in cookery classes to learn the secrets of Persian recipes, and feast our way through one of the most sophisticated cuisines in the world.

Under my guidance we will also take a journey through Iran’s most famous culinary delights including its subtle use of flavours such of dried limes, saffron and orange blossom. We will sample the delights of the Persian breakfast, with its sumptuous flatbreads, seasonal jams and fresh cheeses; the Persian dinner with its succulent cuts of meat, marinated in yoghurt and spices, threaded onto skewers and barbecued over hot coals and the Persian dessert with its saffron and rosewater ice-creams, pistachio nougat and walnut baklavas.

Alongside the food tours, we will visit majestic historical and architectural sites in Shiraz, Isfahan and Persepolis, taking in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and gazing upon some of the most stunning artwork in the Islamic world. Book now for a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit one of the world’s most ancient, beautiful and enigmatic countries.

For more info – visit the Wild Frontiers site


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